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TITLE: B2B Sales Leader & Business Development Leader


CID: 224551

Executive Candidate Profile

Seasoned B2B Sales & Business Development Leader, recognized for an impressive track record and a forward-thinking mindset. With an innate affinity for technology sales and client management, this award-winning professional has been an instrumental force in driving strategic business growth over a span of more than two decades. Throughout an illustrious career, they have mastered the art of nurturing robust relationships in high-energy, collaborative work environments across Canada, the USA, and Mexico, seamlessly overseeing intricate sales cycles, projects, and multifaceted cross-functional teams.

This leader stands as a proven architect of success, consistently exceeding enterprise sales, revenue, and profitability targets within dynamic, greenfield markets. A true expert in the realm of “customer-centric” solution selling, they are adept at leveraging an arsenal of sales tools, internal resources, and strategic partnerships to not only differentiate services, but also to disrupt conventional norms and translate intricate solution concepts into compelling, timely, and relevant value propositions. This ability to orchestrate a more enriching buyer’s experience has translated into fortified business relationships, heightened engagement across diverse departments, and an accelerated pace for closing larger, more lucrative deals.

Areas of Expertise

  • Leadership & Support              
  • Sales & Business Strategies            
  • New Business Development
  • Content & Value Proposition   
  • Partner & Channel Management   
  • Account Based Marketing
  • Forecasts & Budgeting            
  • Relationship Management             
  • Business & Marketing Analysis

Recognition / Achievements

  • Generated business pipeline of $4.6M ARR
  • 161% Key Accounts Year/Year Revenue Growth – reached $1.1M from $680,000
  • 184% Year/Year Territory Growth – reached 6,551,850 litres (2,990,850 litre increase)
  • 196% of target for Territory Gross Profit – reached $1,400,534 on target of $714,787
  • 119% of target for Territory Volume – reached 6,551,850 litres on target of 5,512,658 litres
  • President’s Clubs, Top International Sales Representative, Largest Multi-Year Contracts, Highest Territory Sales Revenue Growth, and Highest Year-over-Year Sales Revenue Growth


  • Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) Degree – Finance
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree – Major: Economics Minor: Psychology

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