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TITLE: Chief Operations Officer

​RELOCATE: Possibly, Prefers Remote

CID: 222830

Executive Candidate Profile

An executive with over 20 years of experience in Operations, Technology, Telecommunications, Sales, and Marketing. Focuses on innovation and current digital strategies with the familiarity of IoT and Industry 4.0. Facilitates the development of products and profit targets. Team leader and public speaker. Strong leadership and problem-solving skills to facilitate team engagement and strong culture building.

Possesses a solid entrepreneurial spirit, founding their own company and building a multidisciplinary team of communications, design, and software professionals. Has extensive experience throughout product and innovation lifecycles playing critical roles in developing visions and goals, analytical strategy development and analysis, strategic planning, user experience design, product management and financial systems, and controls for market and professional compliance.

Recognition / Achievements

  • Awarded a recognition medal for creating a secure file storage solution implemented across international site locations for the Calgary US Consulate.
  • Developed a project for the Canadian oil and gas industry. Created an online resource for the Global Petroleum Centre. Fulfilled the vision to bring together digital resources for the industry into a single data repository.
  • Held operational responsibility for growing a team of engineers and service staff from 6 to 48.
  • Recently supported team developments to grow revenue by 200+% per annum while solving business challenges and soliciting team engagement to evolve a successful dynamic business.

Education / Designations

  • Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in management information systems
  • Bachelor of Arts, majoring in sociology with a focus in organizational behaviour
  • Global Knowledge
    • CCNA
    • Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices [Formerly ICRC]
    • Building Scalable Cisco Networks [Formerly ACRC)
    • Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting
    • Building Cisco Remote Access Networks Cisco Internetwork Design
  • Northland Systems
    • ATM Technology
    • Frame Relay Technologies

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