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TITLE: Chief Technology Officer, VP Engineering, VP Product

LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA

CID: 224602

Executive Candidate Profile

A dynamic and visionary executive with a proven track record of driving innovation, fostering technological excellence, and orchestrating teams to deliver impactful results. With an impressive 14-year tenure in Engineering leadership and an additional 10 years at the forefront of Product teams, they are a forward-thinking strategist renowned for translating complex challenges into strategic opportunities.

Consistently demonstrates the ability to lead, inspire, and guide Engineering and Product teams to achieve remarkable outcomes. Effectively steered cross-functional teams through intricate projects, from conceptualization to successful implementation. Instrumental in introducing industry-first initiatives, harnessing emerging technologies, and streamlining operations to enhance efficiency and deliver superior value to stakeholders.

Keen market insights, coupled with a deep understanding of user needs, have enabled the conceptualizing, developing, and launching of solutions that resonate with target audiences. The ability to anticipate market shifts and proactively adapt strategies has resulted in navigating complex challenges and capitalizing on emerging opportunities.

Recognition / Achievements

  • Successfully conceptualized and developed a groundbreaking Offsite planning platform from scratch. Pioneered an industry-first Budget Optimizer for Group Travel and a comprehensive financial system with real-time transaction monitoring. Instrumental in creating a generative LLM AI sales funnel.
  • Spearheaded the recruitment and development of a robust team. Engineered an AdTech, MarTech, and Fintech-focused eCommerce platform, resulting in a remarkable $120 million annual Corporate revenue and over $1 billion in Partner revenue.
  • Founded and skillfully operated an early-stage iPad accessory and 3PL startup, successfully navigating its sale.
  • Founded and skillfully operated an early-stage iPad accessory and 3PL startup, successfully navigating its sale.


  • BA Computer Science, Cum Laude

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