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TITLE: Performance Analysis Professional


CID: 223844

Executive Candidate Profile

A highly driven and perceptive Performance Analysis Professional who has gained valuable experience working with a diverse range of organizations, including small private start-ups, large public companies, and foreign-owned entities. With a broad background in finance, operations, and planning, they have developed a strong track record of delivering actionable reporting and insights derived from extensive data sets from various channels.

Expertise lies in transforming raw data into meaningful information that empowers senior decision-makers and front-line leaders across different industries to make well-informed business decisions. By leveraging their analytical skills, the executive provides valuable guidance on optimizing performance, identifying opportunities, and addressing challenges. They are adept at synthesizing and distilling complex information into actionable strategies that drive positive outcomes.

Overall, this executive’s blend of experience, expertise, and commitment to delivering actionable insights make them an asset to any organization seeking to optimize its performance and achieve sustainable growth.

Recognition / Achievements

  • Successful overhaul of capital allocation, business case and inventory management processes, which led to demonstrably better results.
  • Stewarded reallocation project involving over 200 tasks across four asset groups to be split between various finance and accounting groups as part of a corporate consolidation.
  • Implemented an improved budgeting process requiring that a financial and economic case be included with each scope of work to be compared against other opportunities in portfolio based on specific KPIs for capital allocation.
  • Developed a comprehensive set of intranet reporting tools for real-time project performance.


  • Master of Business Administration, Finance
  • Bachelor of Applied Science, Civil Engineering

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