Pinnacle Talent

TITLE: Sr. Director/VP of Engineering

LOCATION: Mountain View, CA

CID: 222269

Executive Candidate Profile

Experienced engineering leader with strong strategic planning and team building skills. Brings comprehensive knowledge of Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Graph, Search/Recommendation Engine, and Cloud Computing. Strong publication records including 50+ granted US patents and 40+ top research papers. Strong hands-on coding capabilities with key contributions to popular open-source projects.


  • Collaborative Leadership                               
  • Team Building and Motivation                        
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Planning                                            
  • Mentoring                                                               
  • Hands-On Coaching
  • Academic/Professional Writing         
  • Architectural Design

Recognition / Achievements

  • Published 40+ research papers in top conferences and journals in areas of Information Retrieval, Data Mining, Machine Learning, etc
  • Published 50+ patents (granted) related to search and online advertising products
  • Built team with more than 60 backend engineers, ML engineers, full stack engineers and support engineers
  • Delivered chat-bot products and knowledge management tools for hundreds of enterprises, and saved tens of millions of dollars
  • Led AI algorithm research and engineering efforts, built accurate and scalable conversational AI systems including Natural Language Understanding, Dialogue, and Knowledge Graph, etc.


  • Master of Science: Computer Science and Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science: Industrial Automation

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