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TITLE: Business Development Professional

LOCATION: Victoria, BC

CID: 222502

Executive Candidate Profile

Motivated individual looking to find an ideal work culture to further personal/professional development and contribute in an impactful way. Possesses an experienced and successful track record as a Sales/Marketing and Business Development professional. Historically has exceeded revenue and client retention targets to be a significant contributor to overall company revenues while consistently being a top revenue producer and leading by example for their team.

Has interacted with a broad scope of clientele through their work in many verticals. Excellent leadership skills coupled with a passion for business and networking will bring added value immediately to any prospective organization. Most recently responsible for forging new paths for the company to realize revenue streams, create economies of scale and a host of responsibilities associated with start-up operations.

Recognition / Achievements

  • Over 20 years of experience in the development of relationships based on revenue generation and team building
  • Grew initial revenues from zero to over $3M through the sale of tickets, advertising, and suite sales in the first two years of operations
  • Increased sponsorship and rights revenues by 50% as the Director of Business Development
  • Retention rate of over 80% of client base, at the peak was managing a list of over 50 accounts over multiple properties
  • Co-led the raise of over $2M in operational capital for a start-up over 18 months
  • Firm understanding of financials and business plans with budgeting and forecasting experience to cultivate, solicit, and nurture clients
  • Solution-based methodology that identifies the needs of the client to provide the correct execution plan for satisfaction – treat each as an individual with specific motivations
  • Proven ability to adapt and thrive in a variety of environments from start-up to corporations achieving results above plan
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills


  • B.A. Economics

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