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LOCATION: North Vancouver, BC ​

Executive Candidate Profile

Senior Executive with 15 years combined experience in Finance & Operations Management, Strategic Planning, Sales & Marketing, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Capital raising. A CPA and P.Eng. with a unique skill set that has developed within entrepreneurial environments. Track record of growing start-ups both organically and via acquisition as well as positioning clean-tech businesses for successful strategic exits. Highly respected for the ability to recognize and identify a myriad of moving pieces within complex businesses and develop strategic operating plans to achieve growth. Proven ability to perform complex analyses, lead teams of experts, efficiently manage multifaceted projects and increase profitability in both large and small business environments.

Recognition / Achievements

  • Managed three rounds of financing that raised more than $6M for Vancouver-based clean-tech venture.
  • Led relationships with key strategic customers during acquisition phase, leading to revenue growth from $0 to more than $2.65M over three years.
  • Achieved successful exit for clean-tech start-up.
  • Leading financing and potential exit activities for renewable energy start-up.
  • Worked extensively with CFO and Managing Principals to grow Building Science Consulting firm from $18M in annual revenue to more than $30M in just three years via organic growth, geographic expansion, and competitive acquisitions.
  • Led due diligence and integration process on the successful acquisition of a competing firm including business modeling, valuation assessment, and management of operational issues during start up.
  • Negotiated multiple supply agreements with Chinese manufacturers, yielding a 14% reduction in lead time and 5% reduction in product cost.
  • Led the development of short- and medium-term financial projections for planning, operation, and fund-raising purposes, resulting in more than $1M in funding during fiscal 2018.
  • Cleaned up corporate records, including bringing financial statements and legal records up to date and ensuring cap table is accurate and clean, to prepare business for fund-raising.

Education / Designations

  • Certified Management Accountant, CPABC
  • Master of Business Administration, Sauder School of Business, UBC
  • P.Eng., Engineers & Geoscientists, BC
  • Bachelor of Applied Science, Mechanical Engineering, University of Waterloo 

Hobbies / Interests

  • My wife and I are a wonderful team on adventure of raising four small children. In spare time I do counselling to young students, teach accounting and life skills. I love photography and cooking.

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