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TITLE: Chief Information Officer (CIO)


CID: 224116

Executive Candidate Profile

A seasoned Technology Leader and Business Growth Accelerator, specializing in the financial services, fin-tech, and banking industries who has built a reputation for providing exceptional support and expertise in addressing complex business problems, particularly within the personal banking sectors.

This executive has been responsible for delivering strategy and leadership in the development and implementation of information technology initiatives. They effectively plan and execute enterprise-wide IT systems to support business operations, while driving innovation and delivering high-quality solutions. They excel in identifying, selecting, and leading top-performing leaders across the technology function.

Renowned for their ability to deliver projects on time and within budget by leveraging scaling strategies, solution innovation, and business process optimization. They have achieved significant annual savings through initiatives such as product digitization, process optimization, and automation.

Recognition / Achievements

  • Grew business footprint from 85,000 loans to 200,000 loans by building infrastructure capacity to support customer growth and investor returns.
  • Implemented RPA solutions using the UiPath platform to support compliance and cost reduction. Resulting in a headcount reduction of 75% and time reduction from 5 days to 1 day. 
  • Produced a 60% reduction in customized report requests by redesigning the investor portal using AWS cloud computing platform, which provided reports and loan data to investors. The solution reduced headcount by 10 FTE’s representing an annualized savings of approximately $500K.
  • Collaborated with team to drive portfolio size from zero to $3 billion in 2 years by implementing servicing platforms and MSP to support loan administration, accounting, collections, loss mitigation, and default management. Led the development and integration of third-party vendors to ensure secure, compliant, and cost-effective systems.
  • Influenced massive revenue growth from zero to $5 billion monthly funding through a correspondent lending technology platform, including vendor selection, architectural design, business requirements, system and data analysis, implementation, deployment, and production support.


  • Bachelor of Science Management Information Systems
  • United States Air Force Academy

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