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TITLE: Cloud Architect

LOCATION: Louisville, CO

CID: 224512

Executive Candidate Profile

A proven technical leader with over 25 years of expertise, possessing a diverse background in architecture, development, and maintenance of web-scale, mission-critical custom applications, coupled with exceptional team-building skills, the leader has consistently delivered outstanding results. Their hands-on and solution-oriented approach, coupled with visionary leadership, has propelled them to success in various roles. Additionally, their detail-oriented nature and results-driven mindset have been instrumental in achieving exceptional outcomes.

Beyond technical prowess, this leader stands out as an innovator with a long-term, big-picture perspective. Their engaging and influential communication style makes them an effective speaker, and they are known for being a tenacious customer advocate. A skilled recruiter and mentor, they are passionate about the future, exhibiting a humble and nerdy demeanor. With this remarkable combination of attributes, their contributions have been invaluable, driving success and inspiring the teams they lead.

Recognition / Achievements

  • Lead and individually contribute daily to a successful 1-8 person training and technical services consultancy utilizing technologies such as AWS, Spark, Kafka, Kubernetes, and GCP to deliver client solutions around hybrid cloud, all-in public cloud, devsecops, automation, testing, architecture, development, maintenance, monitoring, observability, and site reliability.
  • Performs a great deal of paid speaking engagements as a panelist, host, and moderator of webinars, conference sessions, and roundtables on areas of expertise.
  • Creation and running of successful consultancy company which took a lot of hard work, skill, and compiling/mastery of different abilities to build, operate, and keep running.
  • Lead all technology initiatives including development and maintenance of high-volume proprietary tracking software; integration with client back-ends; architecture of backup & failover solutions; and creation of high-volume microsites. Oversaw development and maintenance of 30+ individual high-volume (30+ million hits/month) websites per year.


  • B.S. in Electronics Engineering Technology
  • Certifications
    • AWS
    • Solutions Architect Professional
    • DevOps Engineer Professional
    • Developer Associate
    • Security Specialty
  • Confluent
    • Kafka Administrator
    • Kafka Developer

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