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TITLE: Digital Transformation Executive


CID: 222650

Executive Candidate Profile

Exemplary executive driving business transformation across North America for over 35 years. Clients have praised their insightful thoughts around emerging innovations that can disrupt the status quo of any organization.

Past leadership roles have ranged from Director of Channel Development to Chief Business Officer with various industry-leading and award-winning companies, making them a highly valued advisor. They enjoy using their real-world experience to help a broad range of entrepreneurial start-ups, public sector entities and established enterprise corporations implement a sustainable business transformation strategy.

Focused on helping organizations solve business problems by leveraging the latest technology rather than deploying technology for the sake of technology. This includes optimizing workflows and processes, improving customer experience, and creating new revenue streams. Truly aims to understand what the client needs and challenges are, with a focus on what the business wants to create for their end-users, both internal to the organization as well as external, THEN looks for technical solutions.

As a Chief Business Officer, they oversaw numerous digital initiatives across many industries, leading Digital Transformation initiatives before Digital Transformation was a thing. A true self-starter with a proven ability to work under little or no supervision.

Recognition / Achievements

  • Successful career in Telecom Industry, including engagements with 2 Canadian Telco’s to help build out their Innovation Strategy.

  • Responsible for growing a digital consulting firm from 5 to 125 people over five years. Recognized by Deloitte on their Fast 50 list as the 12th fastest-growing company in Canada and the 34th in North America.
  • Led team to an increase of over 1400% in revenue growth over four years.
  • Grew data revenue across new channels to $51M while managing a team of 19 channel and support members.
  • Was engaged in building and delivering two Advanced Digital Technology for Executives and Senior Leaders programs for a leading technological institution.

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