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TITLE: Field Operations Manager


CID: 224471

Executive Candidate Profile

A skilled and innovative leader with extensive experience in building and coaching high-performance teams. With a proven track record of developing employees and leading agile teams, the leader consistently delivers superior service, quality, and key performance indicators (KPI) results, exceeding expectations in project completions.

The leader’s collaborative nature fosters creative problem-solving, enabling the organization to overcome complex challenges effectively. Their strategic mindset remains focused on surpassing business objectives and providing the best end-to-end wireless/wireline solutions for an exceptional customer experience.

With 18 years of experience in Field Operations, they excel in coaching technical teams, driving them to achieve outstanding results. Their ability to collaborate across functions in a fast-paced environment ensures optimal project delivery outcomes. Overall, this results-driven people leader brings a wealth of expertise and dedication to the organization, making them a valuable asset for future growth and success.

This leader also possesses a level 4 national security clearance.

Recognition / Achievements

  • Led different field operations teams finding ways to train employees on new types of work to expand their skills and ensure that idle time is turned into productive time to show value for the group.
  • Adding new skills/duties to tenured team members while giving them renewed excitement in their work after years of being kept in a silo with lots of idle time.
  • Managed 25 central offices/data centre’s, 180+ unionized staff and led the hiring of new employees to replace tenured team members during a retirement package offering.
  • Onboarded new leader and interviewed/hired 35 employees over 4 months to backfill the business needs for new skilled resources.
  • Led multiple wireless projects including the build of 5G Macro and Small Cell’s to completion on-time/budget in Toronto Area, leading to PC Magazine awarding Canada’s Best/Fastest 5G in 2022.


  • Workplace Mental Heath Trained
  • School of Business, Travel and Tourism Diploma
  • Automotive Damage and Fleet Management Diploma
  • Additional Courses
    • Performance Management: Conducting Performance Reviews – November 2020
    • Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging
    • Developing Your Emotional Intelligence
    • Excel Advanced
    • Electrical Hazard Awareness
    • Analytical Skills
    • Finance
    • Agile Project Management
    • Unconscious Bias
    • Cloud: Cloud Computing, Cloud Storage, Cloud Security Basics, Cybersecurity Awareness IoT
    • Introduction to 5G
    • Developing Effective Business Presentations
    • Strategic Thinking

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