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TITLE: Vice President, Business Insights & Global Supply Chain Management

LOCATION: Yorba Linda, CA

CID: 223292

Executive Candidate Profile

With over 25 years of experience in high-tech, consumer products, hardware & electronics manufacturing, business consulting, sports equipment, textile & apparel, retail, and e-commerce industries, this executive is a pragmatic self-starter and seasoned international entrepreneur. In the role of Vice President, they focus on core business strategies and planning, private labelling product development, e-commerce development, global supply chain management, business operations, and data analytics.

Their background includes founding and leading several successful start-ups and working for an Asian conglomerate and Fortune 500 companies internationally in Europe, Asia, and North America.


Business Analytics
Global Supply Chain Management
E-commerce Development
Data Analytics
Core Business Strategies and Planning
Private Labeling Product Development
Business Operations
Start-up Founder
Cross-functional Team Leadership
International Business Experience

Recognition / Achievements

  • Succeeded in turnaround/change management of a negative performance start-up company of US$2M into a positive revenue growth at US$48M. Grew the company from 98 to 450 plus staff, increased manufacturing sites from 1 to 3, warehouses & distribution sites from 1 to 2, retail stores from 0 to 18 in USA, P.R. China, Japan, and Thailand, and distribution network from 15 to over 50 countries.

  • Creative solutions to reduce organization’s Service Level Agreement of 7 days down to 3.5 days by developing the Level-10 pre-build strategy with predictive forecast modeling to support the Built-to-Order (BTO)) and Assemble-to-Order (ATO). This is a 50% improvement in lead-time delivery which led to an increased AWS order volume by 28% worth hundreds of US$ Millions in orders.
  • Developed and implemented a thorough business plan which encompasses sales and marketing, business operations, global procurement, and private labeling, resulting in an increase of more than $500K in monthly sales revenue within 6 months, and a significant improvement of 26% in gross profit margin, and improved eCommerce order fulfillment and on-time delivery rate by 18% leading to a 4.9-star Google review rating.


  • Master of Science – Engineering Management
  • Bachelor of Science – Mechanical Engineering & Industrial Engineering
  • Business Analytics Certification
  • Data Visualizations: Tools & Techniques Certification

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